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Why No Feedback On A Transaction Is No Real Loss To Your eBay Business

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eBay is intrinsically designed to encourage buyers and sellers to leave feedback about individual transactions to allow for a built in peer review system. This system has built into it a ‘trust’ or ‘do not trust mechanism for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers can easily see sellers who ship quality items as described on a timely basis and on the other side of the coin they can also  see those who are unreliable. All of this is information is available at a glance because of the simple feedback star rating system. Sellers too can see in advance buyers with a track record of non-payment or malicious feedback and so forth and they can set parameters for sellers to protect themselves.

It is satisfying to see your account tick up positive feedback however on occasion one can feel disappointed when transactors fail to leave feedback. This is nothing to be worried about, in fact it could be very much working in your favour.

eBay requests feedback quite aggressively, therefore if a buyer or seller has opted not to leave any for you, chances are they are not happy. They might not be unhappy enough to leave negative or neutral feedback but may have instead opted to simply not leave any at all. In these cases, no feedback is a case of these transactors having done you a favour so don’t fret, keep buying, keep selling and let your feedback tick up without putting too much energy into thinking about the ones that got away.

How To Open An eBay Store

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Opening an eBay Store is like creating your very own shopfront, online! It’s an exciting process and we would love to be involved, helping you launch an eBay store. We offer custom designed eBay storefronts and listing templates tailored for you by the team at eBay Design by APL. It’s never been easier to make that shopfront a visual, vibrant and true representation of your business and your brand.

In this topic, learn how to take a step above from trading as an individual to opening your own eBay store. While it’s not compulsory to open a store, there are many advantages in having one. With three different packages depending on your level of turnover and volume, the ‘Basic’ eBay store starts at just $19.95 and is bundled with a range of goodies including; 200 FREE fixed price listings along with final value fees capped at 8.00%.
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