Opening an eBay Store is like creating your very own shopfront, online! It’s an exciting process and we would love to be involved, helping you launch an eBay store. We offer custom designed eBay storefronts and listing templates tailored for you by the team at eBay Design by APL. It’s never been easier to make that shopfront a visual, vibrant and true representation of your business and your brand.

In this topic, learn how to take a step above from trading as an individual to opening your own eBay store. While it’s not compulsory to open a store, there are many advantages in having one. With three different packages depending on your level of turnover and volume, the ‘Basic’ eBay store starts at just $19.95 and is bundled with a range of goodies including; 200 FREE fixed price listings along with final value fees capped at 8.00%.

1. What kind of eBay store should you open?
While there is great value in all three of the store packages below, each choice has been designed with the end user in mind and tailored to their specific selling needs. Dependent on your volume of sales and amount of listings required, there are three different eBay stores you can open:

The ‘Basic’ store is perfect for those who are just starting out on eBay and has plenty of room for growth and improvement. For a fixed monthly subscription of $19.95, you’ll be entitled to 200 FREE fixed listings and final value fees capped at 8.00%. You can always upgrade your plan to the next package available which is the ‘Featured’ if you feel the need to.

While the ‘Basic’ store was more suited for people with lower volume, the ‘Featured’ package is the next level up and for a monthly subscription of $49.95, you’ll receive: 500 FREE fixed listings and final value fees capped at 7.00%.

This is strictly for high volume stores that plan to have over 500 listings. For a whopping $499.95 a month, you’ll be entitled to UNLIMITED FREE fixed listings and a reduced fixed final value fee rate of just 6.00%.

2. What should I name my eBay store?
The name of your eBay store is incredibly important; it will be displayed on various elements throughout the platform including your listing template as well as your storefront. It’s worth giving this some thought. Names are incredibly important; it should be memorable and reflect the kind of products or business you’re involved in. Note that the name you choose will also be apart for your store URL ( If you think you’ve got it wrong, don’t worry – you can always change your store name.

3. Open your eBay store.
You can set up your eBay store quickly with ‘Quick Shop Setup’. This tool has a range of features that help you design how your store looks and feels. It also offers suggestions on design and marketing. The easiest way is to access the default settings and then adjust them until you’re happy with the result. Take your time and play around; you can always come back and change things later if you wish using the ‘Manage My Shop’ tools which are available in your ‘My eBay’. If you don’t want to set up your store immediately, you can come back later and use the ‘Quick Shop Tune Up’ tool in ‘Manage My Shop’. If your aspirations for your eBay store are professional, you should definitely consider a custom ebay storefront design or custom listing template.

4. Store branding.
It’s time to dress your eBay store and make it look aesthetically pleasing. It may be worth spending a few hundred dollars and hiring someone like eBay Design by APL to create a logo and identity for your brand. Next, choose a store theme that reflects the kind of products you sell; you can either build your own custom eBay store or select one of those provided for free by eBay.

5. Organising your eBay store.

How to open an ebay store organise your ebay store

It’s important to create a user friendly category bar that assists your customers in finding their desired products at ease. This will help them located certain products in a few easy clicks.
The best way to order your store is by using a range of categories and sub-categories; for instance:
Mobile Phones Accessories > Apple > iPhone 6 > Cases

6. Add custom pages to your eBay store
Add custom pages to inform your customers about your business, the kinds of goods you sell, and your policies. You can use these for emphasising your brand and advising your customers why they should buy from you rather than the competition. We can help you create custom eBay inner pages for your store such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Why Choose Us’.

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